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We make best food with taste considering health and nature.
Having various recipes and producing various products with regard to sauce and cooking,
has various Know-Hows on eating-out through constant analysis and trend surveys on restaurants, on which based, MDS Korea plans to promote Eating-Out business.

Utilizing features and advantages of MDS Korea only, MDS Korea makes efforts for directly meeting customers with high quality tastes and comfortable pleasures. Now we operate Salad Beauty Premium Salad Bars in discount stores.
Salad miin Salad Bar
It is a brand for takeout allowing you to enjoy various dishes of hotel and high-class restaurants.

By benchmarking Rockfield operating RF1, Japanese representative high-class HMR brand, the menu is organized with salad, fashionable dessert, Range Deli, etc.

At present as entering retail stores, customers’ interest is growing steadily and the demand is increasing continuously. From now on, we plan to open road shops and operate various businesses. .