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We make best food with taste considering health and nature.
We have technologies with professional technical team to produce various foods to be refrigerated, frozen or storable at normal temperature and facilities suitable for products and are general food company to produce high quality products in various area.

Especially as for salad, we started production of fresh products storable first in Korea and obtained HACCP Food Safety Certificate for salad area only in Korea.

MDS Korea continues to grow through ceaseless global research, product development, market development, investment to facilities, etc.

We are expanding service and product areas related to food to meet more customer values and do our best to strengthen expertise and lead creative and innovative food industry.
Delicious and healthy food conveniently available for Everyday Fresh Life are produced.
Frozen simple home-style foods suitable for lifestyle of advanced food culture.

Products storable for a long period of time at room temperature for export and domestic distribution.
Trendy space for Chef’s special recipes

We are establishing various global networks in USA, Japan, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, etc.