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We make best food with taste considering health and nature.
“We have done best for customer–focused research.”
Central Research Institute was set up in 2005 passing through R&D Department starting in 1995 and has been approved as Corporate-affiliated Research Institute by Ministry of Science and Technology. Central Research Institute is organized into Product Planning Team, Product Development Team, Product Analysis Team and Quality Control Team.
Bringing in excellent research team, various test and analysis instruments and research equipment, we put in a great deal of efforts for development of product to meet customer needs in its taste, nutrients and safety of product and we are working actively on training creative R&D experts through specialized education of Research Team.

We have developed salad storable for a long period of time in a refrigerator through pasteurization first in Korea, and we can say with confidence that we have the best technology with regard to salad, dressing and sauce through continual product development and improvement. In addition, we obtained HACCP Food Safety Certificate for soup and salad first in Korea.

We continue to strengthen capability of basic research and R&D for future new technology through active Industry-Academy Joint research and excellent technology exchange with foreign countries and develop product suitable for customer needs by analyzing and creating food trend through various domestic and overseas market surveys.

In addition, in order to produce safe products, we strive for strict quality control of raw materials and establishment of production line and process management in accordance with HACCP Standards. We, as a company leading Well-Being Food Culture, will do our best for realization of customer impression based on accumulated technology of Central Research Institute, the driving force for growth to general food company, and constant change and innovation .