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We make best food with taste considering health and nature.
Company leading Well-Being food for 21st century
Since established in 1995 under company motto “Let’s make the best delicious and safe food”,
MDS Korea has done its best for customers’ health and happiness through its passion and pioneering challenge for food.
Hello, Dear Customers! This is Dong-Jun Moon/CEO of MDS Korea I thank you very much for your visit to MDS Homepage.
MDS Korea has produced pasteurized salad first in Korea and supplied various products to high-class restaurants, and therefore has become the best company in this area based on customers’ constant interest and love. It has also made efforts so that each of you can enjoy rich table at your home through continuous research and .development.

In the national emergency situation of bailout from IMF, the reason that our company, unlike other companies, strengthened manpower for R&D, has accumulated technology and spared no efforts and sweats toward the best food for making only “the best delicious and safe food”, going around global villages without regard to time and distance, is my belief that I wish to make only foods containing craftsmanship and soul, and is the ideal pursued by MDS Korea.

I promise that all of our executives and staffs will continue to do their best for creating a good company meeting customer needs and fulfilling social responsibility by producing various products only safe, convenient and good to health.

I hope your continuous interest and encouragement so that MDS Korea can become a company going together with you. Expressing my thanks again for your visit to MDS Korea homepage, I hope you have a pleasant and fruitful time here.
· Seoul National University, Food Science and Technology Department
· Obtained Master Degree from Yonsei University, Graduate School of Industry
· Obtained Food Manufacturing and Processing Engineer Class 1 Certificate (1976)
· Obtained Professional Food Manufacturing and Processing Engineer Certificate (1986)